Sexist Beer Commercials?

Have you noticed that most beer commercials focus primarily on men? All of the major beer companies like Miller Lite, Bud Light, Busch Light, and Natural Light have advertisements that include males as the leading roles.  A majority of the time, women are not even seen in these commercials, and if they are, they are in the background or basically like the the guys’ side kicks.  For example, in this Bud Light commercial, the women is the one that buys the beer for the guys. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  All of the people that talk about having the party are men as well.  This doesn’t seem right to me.  Women drink beer too!

This commercial is slightly better because at least the girlfriend is drinking a Miller Lite too, but the scene seems a little unrealistic to me.  Yes I will agree that beer is good, but choosing a beer over his girlfriend just doesn’t seem like it would happen in real life.  I realize that Miller Lite is trying to get the point across that their beer is “the best thing in life”, but I’m there are some other things in life that can be considered better.

These commercials are sexist.   Many women may find these commercials offensive.  Not including women as a main role in the advertisement or portraying them in a negative way is a good way for these beer companies to lose business from women. The beer industry should be trying to appeal to everyone in their advertisements , including the women.

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5 Responses

  1. I do agree that the scene is a little unrealistic, Miller Lite is definitely trying to portray that thought across to the viewer, even if the viewer doesn’t agree.

    However, I don’t believe a woman would find a commercial like this one offensive. Truth be told, if I were told that someone who meant a lot to me would pick a beer over me (seriously), I would be rather upset, and would think about walking away as the woman did. I don’t really view it as the company putting the woman in a bad light, but just a different one I suppose. If anything, the guy is in the bad light for choosing a beer over his mother, girlfriend, and his dog. I’d like to think that any rational human being would obviously pick the woman over the beer. Anyway, the girl obviously deserves better if her boyfriend would pick a beer over her. So, in my opinion, she made the correct or normal decision by standing up and leaving him.

  2. Although I can see your point about these commercials being offensive to women they can also be viewed as offensive to men. Since men are always the main character the idea that men party all the time and are irresponsible drunks is portrayed. In the miller light commercial beer is portrayed as the only important thing in a man’s life. Although women aren’t shown and they do drink beer the absence of them in the commercial makes them seem more responsible.

  3. But neither of these is nearly as bad as the latest Miller Lite ad that ridicules a man for carrying a bag. Ha ha ha, men who carry bags are not real men. Yay, gender roles.

    Also, those obnoxious Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” clips aren’t much better. “He wouldn’t be afraid to show his feminine side, if he had one.” So a man can’t be interesting if he has a feminine side? Maybe if beer companies didn’t portray members of my sex as homophobic Neanderthals, I would actually buy their product.

    • Very well said :) Im glad lots of guys dont think as what they see on tv is true specifically all the sexist advertising. I for one and as are a lot of women glad that thinking men exist. The ones who dont buy into all the homophobic bs and the ones who follow their own path not what society says a guy should be. So thanks :)

  4. While yes, many beer advertisements have many sexist innuendos (for not only females, but males as well – ), I find your comment about the woman buying the beer for the men, when you said, “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”, to be very sexist as well. Why should men always have to buy drinks for the ladies? How about trying some social breaching and buying a round for the guys next time you go to the bar.

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